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About Avicenna

Cannabinoid-Based Medicine Training Program for Health Care Providers

Avicenna Academy

The Avicenna Academy is a resource for health care professionals that are interested in learning more about the use and prescription of medical cannabis.

Learn about the latest scientific and clinical evidence of cannabinoid-based medicine, practical considerations for prescribing and how to implement a dosing and titration protocol, in addition, we have developed a series of case studies that will help guide you through decision making.

Named after, Avicenna (ca. 970–1037), the most famous and influential of the philosopher-scientists of the medieval Islamic world. He was particularly noted for his contributions in the fields of Aristotelian philosophy and medicine. He composed the Book of the Cure, a vast philosophical and scientific encyclopaedia, and The Canon of Medicine, which is among the most famous books in the history of medicine.¹


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