About Avesta Genetica

Avesta Genetica, Avicanna Inc.’s cannabis and hemp genetics program is housed in the foothills of Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta, Colombia. Avesta Genetica’s 30 commercial genetics have gone through a full evaluation characterization registration with the relevant Colombian regulatory authorities and are permitted for both domestically sales and exports.

Avesta Genetica’s team have sourced legendary cultivars and developed unique cultivars through proprietary breeding techniques to provide a diverse range of stabilized and feminized cannabis and hemp cultivars.

The Avesta Genetica program is focused on the stabilization of unique commercial cultivars and long-term selective breeding programs to develop genetics with increased yield, stability, and expression of cannabinoids.

Avesta Genetica’s genetics include a library of cultivars,100s of rare Colombian land races and best-in-class genetics from around the world. Of which only the most premium ones have been registered post characterization.

The Avesta Genetica team is comprised of seasoned cannabis cultivators, genetics experts and scientists. Additionally, the team is currently working in collaboration with the University of Guelph’s department of plant agriculture on DNA analysis and further breeding program optimization in Canada.

Hemp cultivars: A range of CBD and CBG dominant cultivars that are suitable for industrial cultivation in both green house and outdoor facilities. Offered in feminized and standardized seeds or clones.

Cannabis cultivars: A diverse range of THC dominant cultivars that are suitable for different environments and cultivation practices. Cannabinoid expression ranges from THC dominant, to diverse expression of rare cannabinoids and balance THC-CBD offerings. Select cultivars are offered in feminized and standardized seeds but all cultivars are available in clones.

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