Disrupting the Cannabinoid
Industry with Science

A Leader in Biopharmaceutical Advancements with Natural Cannabinoids

Avicanna is a Canadian vertically-integrated biopharmaceutical company focused on evidence-based utility of cannabinoids.

Recently Commercialized with diversified and high margin income streams

  1. Comprehensive commercial portfolio – consumer retail, medical cannabis and pharmaceutical
  1. International footprint – multinational operations and sales across US, Canada, LATAM and Europe
  1. Partnership with Shoppers Drug Mart – RHO Phyto medical cannabis products nation-wide in Canada

Trusted scientific platform, including R&D, pre-clinical and clinical infrastructure

  1. Cannabinoid R&D expertise – Team of 10+ scientists operating with Canadian Cannabis Research Licenses
  1. World-Class collaborations – with leading Canadian academic and clinical institutions for 3 + years
  1. Established Intellectual property portfolio – 3+ years of IP development and optimization

Established and Proven low-cost vertical integration

  1. 2 Colombian subsidiaries – cultivation footprint of 480,000 sq feet with industrial extraction capacity
  1. Organic and sustainable cultivation – ranked highest amongst global cannabis companies in the SAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment issued by S&P Global

Hemp-derived Consumer Retail Products

Medical Products

Pharmaceutical Pipeline

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Genetics and Seeds