Advanced Natural
Cannabinoid Solutions

A Leader in Biopharmaceutical Advancements with Natural Cannabinoids

Avicanna is a Canadian vertically-integrated biopharmaceutical company developing and commercializing various cannabinoid-based products for the global market place.

Advanced R&D, pre-clinical and clinical platform

  1. 20+ scientists and clinicians housed in four federally licensed cannabinoid research laboratories
  1. Collaborations with world class academic and clinical institutions including the University of Toronto
  1. Optimized proprietary methodologies in breeding, cultivation, extraction, formulation development, clinical development and analytical testing over the past 4 years

Diversified and high margin income streams

  1. Comprehensive commercial portfolio and pipeline of products across consumer retail products, medical and pharmaceutical segments
  1. Multi-national operations and international sales from low-cost inputs to advanced finished products
  1. De-risked and diversified revenue streams ranging from seeds, genetics, cannabinoid API, bulk formulations, finished products and licensing of IP

World-class & low-cost vertical integration

  1. Two Colombian subsidiaries with a combined cultivation footprint of 480,000 sq. ft. and annual capacity of 30,000 kg of low-cost biomass and industrial extraction capacity
  1. Organic and sustainable cultivation practices with USDA National Organic Program certification ranked highest amongst global cannabis companies in the SAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment issued by S&P Global

Consumer Retail Products

Medical Products

Pharmaceutical Pipeline

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Genetics and Seeds