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Pura H&W

Proprietary and patent-pending line of 13 premium topical products

Pura H&W

Functional Skin Care Products Addressing Global Emerging CBD Consumer Product Segment

Pura H&W is the first clinically-backed line of CBD topical products supported by clinical results ( The line is commercially available internationally across medical, adult use, and consumer channels.

Avicanna has completed cosmetic clinical trials on three of its Pura products, demonstrating the safety and efficacy of these products for various dermacosmetic indications.

Advanced Skincare Solutions

Discover the first clinically-backed dermacosmetic products

What are Dermacosmetics?
Dermacosmetics are advanced skincare solutions that combine principles from dermatology and cosmetology. 

Pura Health & Wellness was developed in consultation with dermatologists and formulation scientists with a deep understanding of the skin’s structure and how to care for it.

Driven by Research
Avicanna’s research focuses on combining Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant, with other unique ingredients and its benefits when applied to the skin.

Study results show that Pura H&W products provide sustained hydration over time, help equalize oil production, and boost your skin’s radiance.

Commercial & Launch Expectations

Marketed under the Pura H&W™ or Pura Earth™ brands, these registered, clinically-tested, dermacosmetic products include a portfolio of functional CBD topical products.

Currently available nationwide across Canada in medical channels including and in adult-use sales channels through retailers in four provinces. These products are also currently being sold nationwide in the United States, Colombia, and Ecuador with anticipated product launches in the UK and certain Latin American countries in 2023.