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Aureus Santa Marta

Cannabinoids and Standardized Genetics

Aureus Santa Marta

Raw Material Business Unit Branded as Aureus Santa Marta

Avicanna’s low cost and consistent supply of cannabinoids for its finished
products through in-house cultivation and extraction

Providing pharmaceutical partners with active pharmaceutical ingredients
(API) with completed exports into 16 international markets


Established, Sustainable and Economical Cultivation and Extraction Infrastructure

Majority owned subsidiary in Santa Marta Colombia with 300,000 square feet and 26,000 kg of annual capacity

USDA National Organic Program certified and GACP certification

30+ completed harvests validating below 10 cents per gram cost

Cultivating commercial crops of CBD, CBG, THC and feminized seeds since 2020

Product Offerings

Isolate, Distillate, Full Spectrum, Isolate + Terpenes Broad Spectrum, Flower

Isolate, Water Soluble, Full Spectrum, Isolate + Terpenes Broad Spectrum, Flower
Isolate 99%

Full Spectrum, THC-free Distillate, Flower
Feminized Seeds: Cannabis and Hemp

GACP Certified

Good Agricultural and Collection Practices

Starting from the source of sun-grown cultivation in Santa Marta, the full value chain is integrated, controlled, and tracked from seeds to the final extracts.

All cultivation and post harvest is done in accordance with Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (“GACP”) and tracked through Ample Organics software. The certification will allow for the expansion of Aureus portfolio to include organic and GACP certified dried flower and biomass globally.

GMP Compliant

Good Manufacturing Practice

Utilizing Avicanna’s extraction, purification and analytical expertise, Aureus finished products are processed and tested using the highest international standards of quality in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (“GMP”).

Full value chain quality control and analytical testing will ensure that the crops and API meet Health Canada, US and EU Pharmacopeia standards, including analysis of pesticides, heavy metals, aflatoxins, microbial testing, residual solvents, and cannabinoid ratios.

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