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About Avicanna


Avicanna is a Canadian commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company established in research, development, and commercialization of evidence-based cannabinoid products for the global consumer, as well as medical and pharmaceutical market segments. 

Avicanna conducts its own R&D and collaborates with leading Canadian academic and medical institutions. Avicanna has an established scientific platform that includes clinical development which has led to the commercialization of 30+ products across four main market segments.

Market Segments

Serving the Global Marketplace with Proprietary Advanced Cannabinoid-Based Products

Commercial Products & Pipeline

Avicanna’s scientific platform has resulted in 30+ commercial and proprietary formulations and products
Including cosmetics, medical cannabis, pharmaceuticals in addition to its raw material business unit across international markets.

Commercial Stage
Medical Cannabis and Wellness Products

Commercial Stage 
CBD Cosmetics and Skincare

In Development and Registration Stage
Pharmaceutical Pipeline

Commercial Stage 
Cannabinoid API


Medical Cannabis & Wellness Products

Marketed under the RHO Phyto™ brand

The portfolio contains a diverse range of formulations including oral, sublingual, topical, and transdermal deliveries with varying ratios of cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (“CBD”), cannabigerol (“CBG”), and tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”).

The formulary is supported by ongoing consumer, patient, and medical community education and training including

The brand is currently available nationwide to patients in medical channels across Canada including a through strategic partnership with Medical Cannabis by Shoppers™, a subsidiary of Shoppers Drug Mart Inc.TM. It is also accessible through several other medical institutions including The University Health Network (“UHN”) and the Odette Cancer Centre pharmacy of Sunnybrook Health Science Centre, a major hospital group in Canada. The products are also found in Canadian adult-use sales channels through provincial retailers in five provinces including Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.


CBD Cosmetics and Skincare

Marketed under the Pura H&W™ or Pura Earth™ brands

These registered, clinically tested, derma-cosmetic products include a portfolio of functional CBD topical products. Currently available nationwide across Canada in medical sales channels and in adult-use sales channels through retailers in four provinces. These products are also currently available across several international markets with cosmetic registration.


Pharmaceutical Preparation and Pipeline of Proprietary Drug Candidates

Pharmaceutical candidates designed to address 5 major clinical indications

Leveraging Avicanna’s scientific platform, vertical integration, and real-world evidence, Avicanna has developed a pipeline of indication-specific drug candidates that are in various stages of clinical development, registration, and commercialization.

These cannabinoid-based drug candidates are designed to address unmet medical needs in the areas of dermatology, chronic pain, and various neurological disorders.


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

Marketed under the Aureus Santa Marta™ brand (a raw material business unit and source of API for Avicanna and its partners)

Marketed under the Aureus brand, the Company’s raw material business unit is a source of API for Avicanna and its partners. The Aureus portfolio consists of standardized seeds, full spectrum extracts, and isolated cannabinoids including (CBD, THC, CBG) derived from hemp and cannabis cultivars through its organic, economical, and industrial-scale subsidiary based in Colombia. 

Aureus products are produced at Santa Marta Golden Hemp S.A.S. (“SMGH”), the Company’s majority owned subsidiary, which is (“GACP”) certified and (“USDA”) National Organic certified. Avicanna’s raw material business unit is also dedicated to providing consistent, high-quality source of input materials for the Company’s global partners for use in the development and production of food, cosmetic, medical, and pharmaceutical products. The Company has formed several strategic supply relationships and has exported Aureus branded materials into 16 countries.

Scientific Platform

Industry leading scientific platform and intellectual property

Scientific Platform

Setting the Standard in the cannabinoid industry with advanced and evidence based products 

R&D headquarters in Toronto, Canada with drug development pipeline including sustained release tablets, transdermal patches and nano particle formulations.


Proprietary Commercial Products




Canadian Government Research Grants Awarded Since 2020


Pending Patents


Health Canada Cannabis
Research Licenses
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