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Proprietary Formulations and Drug Candidates

Pharmaceutical Candidates Designed to Address 5 Major Clinical Indications

Pipeline of Proprietary Drug Candidates

Leveraging Avicanna’s scientific platform, vertical integration, and real-world evidence, Avicanna has developed a pipeline of indication-specific drug candidates that are in various stages of clinical development, registration, and commercialization

These cannabinoid-based drug candidates are designed to address unmet medical needs in the areas of dermatology, chronic pain, and various neurological disorders.

Trunerox™ – 10% CBD (100 mg/ml Cannabidiol)

Pharmaceutical preparation under GMP standards with proprietary formulation with enhanced absorption
Marketing authorization is expected during late 2023/early 2024 in Brazil and other South American markets. Trunerox will be available with accessible pricing, utilizing the company’s vertical integration.

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