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Low cost and sustainable supply chain and raw material business in Colombia.

Optimal cultivation conditions

Optimal environmental conditions within the micro-climate of the Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta, Colombia offers ideal conditions for the cultivation of cannabis and hemp.

This region has historically been regarded as a cannabis cultivation hub, where world famous strains such as “Santa Marta Gold” have been discovered and cultivated.





Avicanna’s majority-owned subsidiaries

Santa Marta Golden Hemp S.A.S. and Sativa Nativa S.A.S

Both of Avicanna’s subsidiaries, Santa Marta Golden Hemp S.A.S. and Sativa Nativa S.A.S., are positioned in Santa Marta and are federally licensed for cultivation, processing, and sales, allowing Aureus products to be sold in both domestic and international markets.

All commercial cultivars are successfully registered with the Instituto Colombiano de Agricultura (Colombian Ministry of Agriculture).


Dedicated to environmental preservation and powered by Avicanna’s cultivation projects

Aureus offers cannabinoids sourced from USDA certified organically cultivated hemp and sustainable, sun-grown cannabis. Plants used in the manufacturing of Aureus products are grown using an approach that promotes and maintains a living soil system.

The use of chemical pesticides and herbicides are harmful for the consumer, the plant, and mostly the environment. Chemicals used in conventional agriculture are responsible for poisoning water sources, damaging the soil and diminishing its ability to sequester carbon dioxide which is a major cause for global warming. Our cultivation practices strive to maintain soil free from synthetic compounds as a compromise to our planet.

Vertical Integration

Low cost and environmentally sustainable cultivation somewhere

Established and proven Colombian subsidiaries with completed exports into 12 countries