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Driving Biopharmaceutical Advancements of Naturally Derived and Evidence Based Products

Who We Are

Avicanna is a Canadian international commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company

Focused on the advancement and commercialization of evidence-based cannabinoid-based products for the global medical and pharmaceutical market segments. Avicanna has an established scientific platform including R&D and clinical development that has led to the commercialization of more than thirty proprietary products in addition to a robust pharmaceutical pipeline.

Corporate Overview

An International Biopharmaceutical Strategy

Active and commercial business pillars including medical cannabis and wellness Medical Cannabis Care portal, Medical Cannabis and Wellness Products, and Pharmaceutical Pipeline.

Addressing the global market- International footprint with completed transactions in 20+ countries.


Leading Scientific Platform and Intellectual Property Portfolio

R&D and clinical platform – In house and in partnership with world class Canadian institutions   

JLABS @ Johnson and Johnson Incubated – At the MaRS Discovery District

30+ commercialized proprietary SKUs – From R&Ds to international commercial channels

Pharmaceutical pipeline – Targeting Neurology, Dermatology and Pain indications

Intellectual Property and Brands Owned by Avicanna

Medical Cannabis and Wellness Products – Commercial

Medical Cannabis Pharmacy Platform – Launched August

Pharmaceutical Pipeline – In development and registration stages



Commercial Products and Pipeline

Avicanna’s scientific platform has resulted in 30+ proprietary formulations and commercial products
Including medical cannabis, wellness, and its pharmaceutical pipeline.

Commercial Stage
Medical Cannabis
Pharmacy Platform

Commercial Stage
Medical Cannabis & Wellness Products

In Development and Registration Stage
Pharmaceutical Pipeline

Industry Leading Scientific Platform

Setting the Standard in the Cannabinoid Industry with Advanced and Evidence-Based Products

Scientific Platform

R&D Platform Delivering Advanced and Evidence-Based Cannabinoid Products 

R&D headquarters in Toronto, Canada with drug development pipeline including sustained release tablets, transdermal patches and nano-particle formulations. 


Proprietary Commercial Products




Canadian Government Research Grants Awarded Since 2020


Pending Patents


Health Canada Cannabis
Research Licenses
to Avicanna
or Institutional Collaborators

World-class Institutional Collaborations

R&D and Clinical Partnerships Over the Past 6 Years

World-class Institutional Collaborations

20+ R&D, pre-clinical studies and research collaborations with Canada’s leading institutions and thought leaders since 2017 

Majority of the research has been conducted in Canada through 4 Health Canada cannabis R&D licenses issued to Avicanna and its academic collaborators.

Clinical Development

Setting the Standard in the Cannabinoid Industry on Advanced and Evidence-Based Products


Products & Pipeline

Serving the Global Marketplace with Proprietary Advanced Cannabinoid-Based Products