Research and Development

Research and Development (R&D)

A dedication to robust scientific development and evidence-based clinical approach

Collaboration of scientists operating out of Toronto, Bogota and Santa Marta, Colombia.


Headquartered in Johnson & Johnson Innovation’s JLABS @ Toronto Located in the Medical and Related Sciences (“MaRS”) Centre in Toronto, Canada

University of Toronto
Exclusive research and collaboration agreement with Dr. Christine Allen’s Research Group (CARG) in the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy. Services include formulation optimization, in vitro and in vivo analysis.
Clinical Development Programs
Ongoing clinical development programs to demonstrate product safety and efficacy with world-class clinical partnerships.
• SickKids Hospital, Toronto
• University Health Network, Toronto
• University of West Indies, Jamaica
• Caimed, Colombia
Finalized Product Offerings
Fully developed and optimized product lines including Avicanna’s proprietary derma-cosmetics and phyto-therapeutics