Setting the Standards in
the Cannabinoid Industry

Through an Unrivaled
Scientific Platform

4+ Years of Cannabinoid Research & Development

Research and Development (R&D)

Global Leader in Advanced Cannabinoid Research and Pharmaceutical Development

Advanced scientific platform for drug delivery, pre-clinical and clinical development

  1. Team of 10+ scientists, deploying optimized proprietary methodologies in extraction, formulation development, analytical testing, pre-clinical models, and clinical development
  1. Comprehensive IP portfolio across all platforms that has led to the development of 20+ proprietary commercial products
  1. R&D headquarters at JLABS @ Toronto, Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centre in the MaRS Discovery District
  1. Eight (8) Canadian Government research grants awarded including the prestigious Ontario Centre of Excellence award in the past 18 months

R&D collaborations with world-class academic and clinical institutions including four (4) Health Canada issued Cannabis research licenses over the past four (4) years

  1. University of Toronto
  1. University Health Network
  1. University of Guelph
  1. JLABS @ Toronto

Clinical Trials Pipeline

Indication-Specific Drugs and Pharmaceutical Pipeline Across Several Target Indications

Leveraging comprehensive R&D and clinical platform

Intended Pharmaceutical Pathways

  1. Generic pharmaceutical (LATAM market – expected commercialization Q1 2022
  1. Natural drug or phyto-therapeutic designations (LATAM market – expected commercialization 2021)
  1. Rare disease pharmaceutical pipeline (Canada, USA, EU, LATAM markets – expected commercialization 2022)