Setting the Standards

in Cannabinoid R&D and
Advanced Product Offerings

4+ Years of Cannabinoid Research & Development

Research and Development (R&D)

Global Leader in Advanced Cannabinoid Research and Pharmaceutical Development

R&D headquarters at JLABS @ Toronto in the MaRS Discovery District

  1. Cannabis Research Licence issued by Health Canada at Avicanna central R&D lab at the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centre, where Avicanna’s scientists conduct research in collaboration with world-class researchers and institutions

Advanced scientific platform, established platform and team of 20+ Scientists and Clinicians

  1. Working across federally licensed R&D laboratories for cannabinoid research and leveraging from optimized proprietary methodologies in extraction, formulation development, clinical development and analytical testing over the past 4 years

Exclusive Collaboration Agreement with Dr. Christine Allen’s Research Group (“CARG”) at the University of Toronto

  1. A leader within the global pharmaceutical f ield of drug delivery, Dr. Allen and her team within the Faculty of Pharmacy collaborate on Avicanna’s pharmaceutical product development and preclinical development